Kelsey Maloney-Steiner, M.S.

Resident Therapist

Kelsey earned her Master of Science in Counseling degree at Milligan College. She also attended Georgia Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Emmanuel Christian Seminary. She is currently working towards licensure.
Kelsey works with individuals, adolescents, and adults. She believes that we live in stories. It is through relationships, conversations, and stories that we create meaning in life. By examining the stories we tell ourselves, re-authoring them, and externalizing problems, then we can construct new and liberating stories. In counseling, Kelsey uses narrative therapy to engage with clients in the stories of their lives. She focuses on building an atmosphere of curiosity, respect, and transparency. She believes individuals matter, bearing witness to stories matters, and that individuals have strengths and the power to change. 
Kelsey is specifically interested in working with the intersection of mental health and athletics. Athletes face unique challenges and dynamics that influence mental wellness including: coaching styles, team dynamics, pressure, limited time for social activities, managing complex schedule, and more. Athletic culture can treat mental health as a weakness creating barriers for athletes seeking mental health treatment. Being a retired athlete herself, Kelsey has an understanding of what it means to be an athlete. She strives to be present, ask questions, and provide a space to understand an individual’s experience. Asking for help can be a scary step, but it is a step of strength. Mental health struggles are not weaknesses. Every individual possesses strengths and the ability to change. Kelsey provides both individual counseling and is available for group presentations (i.e. seminars, team sessions, coaching, etc.). 
Spiritual Statement:
I believe that we live through stories. God created us to be a part of a story. Stories are the foundation of the bible. God chose to explain godself to us through story – the creation story, the story of Israel, the story of Jesus, the meta-narrative of redemption and who God is throughout the bible. God created us with the capacity for creative and imaginative thought and thus intended for us to be both a part of God’s story and co-authors of our own stories. Through counseling, we are able to connect to each other in a safe space, let light into our stories, and take part in restoration and redemption.


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